Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bonus: Place Value Game

I have been really nervous about introducing place values, but my kids loved this game I came up with today. It's heavily colored coordinated, and I thought it might be helpful for others wanting a simple way to introduce the concept of place values.

-Roll a colored die for each numbers place (We added in the hundreds, but you could start with just tens and ones)
-Show the value with base ten blocks (I was so glad our dice matched our base ten blocks)
-Write each number in the correct box: hundreds, tens, ones
-Write the complete number

It also works really well with multiple children. Everyone can take turns or work on each problem together.  My two-year-old rolled the dice. My four-year-old picked out the base ten blocks. Then I counted the blocks with my two-year-old while my four-year-old wrote the numbers.

Do you have any games that help reinforce a math concept?

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